Shadow International is a CRM software company that supports business owners by helping them track all activists and nurture relationships with their leads and clients.

Discover how your business can work smarter!

Utilize Shadow International for customer relationship management(CRM) to get to know your audience and discover new ways to market to them.


Our security model focuses on all aspects of the field including physical, data transfer, application, and backup security.


Connect freely or activate Connectors – Bright Interactive has REST-based inbound Web service APIs.

Grow Your Business with Shadow International CRM


 Every organization is different in terms of structure and processes; therefore, our prime focus is to customize the solutions we offer according to the client’s needs, which leads to high productivity. Using robust and flexible frameworks and platforms, our extremely experienced and able developers can adapt Shadow International according to the client’s business model and its organizational demands.

However, Shadow International can be customized easily. Clients are privileged and able enough to customize the solution.
Our innovative solutions support every change as per the needs of the client.

Why Shadow International is the best CRM

Understand your customers

Get a complete view of customers, segment them intelligently, and deliver personalized experiences with customer management software like Freshsales.

Improve customer relations with AI-powered insights 

Choose from Freddy’s data-backed suggestions for the next best action to drive your conversation further to upsell and cross-sell. 

Decipher data with robust analytics

Freshsales helps sales and marketing teams cut through the noise and analyze data within the CRM to predict revenue and manage team performance.


Customer Relationship Management is being used in an extensive manner across the business landscape. Deployment of a CRM solution in a business firm activates an agile collection of a vast pool of knowledge whose deduction can lead to various channelized extracts so as to prospect new business, validate leads, analyze processes, and more. Business enterprises differ from sector to sector


  • SHADOW INTERNATIONAL Expert implementation professionals provide comprehensive and skillful deployment services.
  • A highly proficient team of SMEs, Consultants, Analysts, Project heads, and Implementation engineers ensures that each SHADOW INTERNATIONAL is implemented with utter precision.
  • We ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction which is due to our successful implementations.
  • All across the globe and best industry practices.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Great CRM with more features than other CRMs that’s double the price. Very user-friendly interface is very responsive, and quick support. A totally outstanding CRM with integrated email and SMS scheduling/templates and strong workflow automation.


I have tried several CRM for my real estate business and found none like SHADOW INTERNATIONAL. Really impressed with its outstanding features like email marketing, SMS scheduling, and workflow automation.  And all at an affordable price! Very highly recommended!