Grow Your Business with Shadow International CRM

Utilize Shadow International for customer relationship management(CRM) to get to know your audience and discover new ways to market to them.

Shadow International Customer Support Software for any Business

Marketing Funnel

With marketing automation CRM software, you can streamline marketing actions.

Sales Management

Businesses can coach and mentor their reports, and track sales performance.

Lead Management

Automate your lead capture & distribution, notify sales users and get detailed reports.

Assign Leads to Sales Agent

With a SHADOW INTERNATIONAL, you can assign leads to team members with one click. CRM enables you to track the number of leads each sales agent is working with. You can find which sales agent would be the best equipped to handle the leads and assign them accordingly.

Assign or reassign from an individual lead page.

Round-robin distribution leads.

Assign during an import

Automatically assign leads to your reps

    Why Shadow International is the best CRM

    Unlimited users

    As your team grows, Freshsales grows with you. Kickstart your free CRM without any limitations on the number of users.

    Free support

    Freshsales provides 24/5 free support over phone, email, and chat. You also get access to demos and user guides to understand.


    Freshsales is built to provide high resilience. The role-based access allows you to restrict CRM access based on the hierarchy.

    CRM Benefits

    What Our Customers Are Saying


    Great CRM with more features than other CRMs that’s double the price. Very user-friendly interface is very responsive, and quick support. A totally outstanding CRM with integrated email and SMS scheduling/templates and strong workflow automation.


    I have tried several CRM for my real estate business and found none like SHADOW INTERNATIONAL. Really impressed with its outstanding features like email marketing, SMS scheduling, and workflow automation.  And all at an affordable price! Very highly recommended!